Content producers need to work on DEO, not just SEO

A very good and interesting article by Ben Elowitz on on why a past emphasis on SEO should begin shifting to what he calls SMO, or “social marketing optimization’ for content producers. I’ve been thinking along these lines for a while now as I see publishers struggling with formating their site for search engines versus writing it for people.

High bounce rates from search traffic going into content is a well known issue and, I think, it’s partially due to an over reliance in site design on what’s best for Google, not what’s best for audiences. It’s also the nature of the medium: searchers want an answer, not a full blown reading experience. Working with an organization with a high emphasis on satisfying readers by providing them with content curated with utmost professionalism.

At Outbrain,they talk a lot about how there needs to be a movement for DEO– or discovery engine optimization– which will soon be more important than SEO. This is probably our version of Ben’s newly coined “SMO”. In the content world, what’s important is constructing quality content in a way that helps people discover it in areas where they are in read mode: facebook and twitter are certainly part of this landscape, as are other peer publishers and bloggers who will happily link to quality, interesting content (and who are heedless of keyword games used to fool bots). After all, how do people search for great content on a search engine if they don’t know it exists? They can’t. Search provides wonderful answers to specific questions but it is not the place people go to find something fresh, new and interesting.

Some may call this syndicating of content, whilst other experts in the area might see this as an opportunity for the big players to capitalise on their high customer base.

  • Edward Beckett

    Great post …

    IMHO … the most important factor to any search marketing initiative is in understanding the type of campaign to initiate. For instance, a service based website – such as a one that markets legal services or seo for example – may increase their customer base through a successful keyword marketing campaign.

    However, that same initiative may not be the right marketing mix for a site that is introducing a new product to the market – where Brand recognition is the key.

  • I forgot to mention I agree it’s way harder to write good web copy. Optimizing for keywords while writing compelling copy seems like some sort of mystic kung fu.


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