The Google Panda Algorithm Update

It”s official, what was suggested websites and the people that own them  has become a reality in February 2011.

The latest algorithm update, officially referred to as Google Panda, has impacted sites that apparently were not practicing Google Caffeine based SEO Internet Marketing much in the same way Google Mayday took eCommerce sites by storm last year.

So without further hesitation let”s review some on site, and a couple off site, Internet Marketing tips that will help sites; whether business to business or business to consumer, regain good standing in Google search results- SERP”s.

Each of these techniques are firmly fixed in organic methods and have generated visible Caffeine related results when effectively applied. Because whether you”re talking about Google Mayday, or Google Panda, they are simply extensions of the Google Caffeine algorithm and infrastructure update that started integrating in early 2010.

For the purpose of conveying information I”ve arranged the search result goals of Google Caffeine into the following five categories:

– Accuracy: Search results that match the information you”re looking for.
– Relevancy: Ensuring SERP”s return results that are up to date and useful.
– Efficiency: Faster results and the ability to custom select search options.
– Authority: Search results that educate users and provide enhanced resources.
– Sufficiency: Offering a wider range of results by including different platforms like Social Media, video and real time features.

With the above Google Caffeine objectives in consideration I highly suggest website owners take a hard look at the following:

– Include clear and concise content that answers the questions your first time visitors are known to be interested in. Questions such as what a company does and how it does it better. The failure of a website to address key questions will cause visitors to exit and . And your competition will thank you.

– Minimize or avoid content that doesn”t relate to your businesses” niche. Website content should be relevant to your website”s theme, products or services. Google Caffeine’s Panda revision places emphasis on relevancy from top to bottom. Content that”s not relevant will not only impact your page rank, it will confuse your visitors.

– Create Quality organic inbound links. Avoid “link farming”. The paying for mass amounts of inbound links using link submission services. Google and other Search Engines clearly state that these practices can result in your site being penalized. The highest rated links, the ones carrying the most “votes”, are those created using organic methods. Also, given that sites that accept mass amounts of irrelevant links are being adversely affected, doesn”t it make sense that if your site includes these links, or uses those sites, it will be negatively impacted as well? More on that another time.

Tip- Social Media sites are an often over looked source of link votes and posting resourceful original content has the highest chance of being shared or featured elsewhere.

– Update and optimize key content as often as possible. Updated content reflects a site that”s not stagnant. Website visitors and Search Engines take notice of this activity.

Dynamic sites tend to rate higher than static sites, especially if those sites serve a dynamic field. Target audience search trends change, so it”s important to monitor them and change your content to prevent potential new business from visiting the competition. A bit more on the concept of Dynamic vs. Static in the next article.

– Analyze page download rates. Google’s already stated there’s a need for speed on the web, much like Google warned of too much spam and duplicate content, and I whole heartedly agree. Slow loading websites frustrate visitors. Frustrated visitors look elsewhere for their needs. They will back click off a website and visit the competition. Resulting in a poor conversion rates, reduced traffic and lost leads.

– Improve page download for mobile. More and more searches are now being done by “Smart” phones and other wireless technology. Many “Smart” phones have slower internet connections and less bandwidth tolerance. It”s expected at some point in the near future, Google will place more emphasis on page download rates to address this inevitable trend. The sooner a company embraces this emerging market, the bigger the competitive advantage it will gain.

– Minimize or avoid content that doesn”t relate to the businesses niche. Website content should be relevant to a site”s theme, products or services. Google Caffeine under the Panda revision places emphasis on relevancy from top to bottom. Irrelevant content and links more often than not confuse visitors, and hurt the site’s credibility.

Now let”s apply the above information, of which there”s much more detail that could be included, to Google Caffeine”s search result objectives from the website owner point of view:

– Accuracy: Be clear, concise and don”t waste your visitors time
– Relevancy: Stay on topic and become an “authority” in your field
– Efficiency: Make sure your site loads fast and navigation is simplified
– Authority: Provide “unique” information or resources that educate visitors
– Sufficiency: Offer resources such as Blogs, videos or up to date industry related news

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  • None of my sites were harmed in the Farmer update. None of my clients either. I believe this is because quality of content is important, but quality and authority of links to that content still rules the day. It’s also more important than ever how to two relate directly.

  • The Panda update seems to be ongoing as I took a hit this past Friday on blogs that had originally seen an increase in traffic after the beginning rollout of the Panda update.

    As I noted in another post, unfortunately, both blogs have a considerable amount of affiliate marketing ads (they need to in order to provide a reader with the necessary choices). On one of the blogs, I’ve removed nearly all of the ads outside of that which reside and are specific to a particular post.

    I’m guessing algorithm tweaks continue to be made as I’m still seeing a lot of “spammy” style websites ranking well for different search terms.

    That being said, thank you for your post and SEO tips!

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