Google's SEO Report Card

Yes, just like the title clearly states: Google’s SEO report card, this new release from Google indicated that they focus on some key elements. They believe this report card can answer some of the questions frequently asked.

Actually the report card is for their product teams toimprove on their product pages using simple and accepted optimization. The provided almost a 50-page PDF, of course, ordinary website administrators would found some useful information in order to optimize their site(s).

In Google’s word:

These optimizations are intended to not only help search engines understand the content of our pages better, but also to improve our users’ experience when visiting our sites. Simple steps such as fixing 404s and broken links, simplifying URL choice, and providing easier-to-understand titles and snippets for our pages can benefit both users and search engines. From the start of the project we also wanted to release the report card publicly so other companies and webmasters could learn from the report, which is filled with dozens of examples taken straight from our products’ pages.

The report is divided into three parts:

  • Subject I: Search result presentation
  • Subject II: URLs and redirects
  • Subject III: On-page optimizations

SEO Tips from the report:

  • The title page should be a maximum of 60 characters
  • Longer Titles should be modified using fewer keywords weighted
  • The meta description does not flow in the ranking of a page with a
  • The meta description should always include two lines
  • For Sitelinks is a hierarchically flat links with keywords helpful
  • For a permanent redirect should always use 301
  • Headings should be used in chronological
  • keywords in h1tags has more weight than keywords in h3 tags
  • The alt text of an image is similar weight as the anchor text of a link
  • Great piece, Google must be at the edge again?

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    thats a cool report, thanks

  • I am speech lees very good google seo report..their are many points we need to know about the seo, u have shared very nice info with us..

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