How Google & Bing Handle Switching To New Domains

A WebmasterWorld thread has some SEOs and Webmasters sharing their recent experience with switching to new domains and how Google and Bing handle that switch.

The first case was shared by senior member, HuskyPup who said that after switching over and 301 redirecting the URLs from the .in TLD to the .com version of the TLD, Google and Bing both ranked the new domain in the number one spot after a single week.

The site was previous ranked in the first position for that specific keyword and a week after the switch over, the new domain, the .com version, ranked number one in it’s place.

He said:

I acquired a dropped .com name last Monday 22nd November 2010, uploaded the site immediately and as soon as the site went live 301d the old .in domain to the new one.

Today, 30th, Google, Bing, Yahoo and Duck Duck Go are all showing the new name at it’s #1 SERPs position.

Another person came into the thread and said he was not so lucky. But it is hard to tell if he followed the correct steps.

Have you seen the same quick results in Google and Bing recently?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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    A new user set up his computer, but mistakenly added it to a workgroup instead of a domain. Now we need to switch him over to the Novell domain, but it creates a different local user account and all settings change- even when logged on using the old user name & password. So basically now there are 2 different users on his PC- one for local & one for domain. How do we keep it as just one?


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