How to create an effective online content

In order to create effective online content you first need to figure out what is “effective” for you. Whenever you are generating content for your website or blog you should always have the end in your mind; what are you exactly trying to achieve through your content. When you are publishing content online you are primarily trying to achieve the following:

  • Educate your visitors
  • Convey and distribute your message
  • Make an impact so that people don’t forget you
  • Increase your search engine rankings by using keywords and key phrases strategically
  • Projecting yourself as an expert
  • Helping your visitors seamlessly carry out business transactions with you

So when you are wondering how to create effective online content you have this yardstick to follow.

Educate your visitors by creating effective online content

Education doesn’t always mean teaching something. It also means making people aware of the benefits of buying your product or service. Are they aware of what you provide and how it is better compared to your competitors? This is where the education part comes in. All the necessary information must be there on your website in an easily accessible format. Whatever needs to be highlighted must be highlighted. Whatever must be promoted in front of your visitors on a priority basis, must be promoted. The language well understood by your core market must be used.

Increase your search engine rankings by creating effective online content

Targeted traffic from search engines is as important as it was 5-6 years ago. People are still using search engines although social media and social networking websites also allow them to obtain recommendations from their friends and followers. Nonetheless you will find 60-70% of your online traffic coming from search engines and this is a significant amount. Your online content must be formulated in such a manner that it highlights your important keywords and key phrases without seeming spammy to the search engine algorithms.

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Guest post by Sarah Watt


  • Investing in tangible assets, such as art, gold bullion, jewellery and collectable cars, is currently the equivalent of putting money under the mattress for high-net-worth individuals.

  • LOVE these lists! Thanks for sharing! In our Blog ( we refer to lists a lot, and really value the research this kind of thing represents. Keep it coming!

  • I agree wholeheartedly. In fact, my philosophy is that if you make #5 your priority, the rest of the steps just happen–almost like magic–and you don’t have to over analyze the situation.


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