New site verification with Google Analytics snippet

Google announced that you can now verify your site in Webmaster Tools with a Google Analytics JavaScript snippet.

“Nobody likes to duplicate effort,” said Google software engineer Sean Harding. “Unfortunately, sometimes it’s a fact of life. If you want to use Google Analytics, you need to add a JavaScript tracking code to your pages. When you’re ready to verify ownership of your site in other Google products (such as Webmaster Tools), you have to add a meta tag, HTML file or DNS record to your site. They’re very similar tasks, but also completely independent.

Until today.”

“If you already have Google Analytics set up, verifying ownership is as simple as clicking a button,’ he says.

Google notes that this method of verification only works if you’ve migrated to the newer asynchronous version of the tracking code. The JavaScript has to stay in place on your site or your verification will expire. You also have to remain an admin on the Google Analytics account that the code is associated with.

If you’ve verified your site, you can add additional verified owners via the verification details page. The verification page has a new interface as well.

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