If you need SEO help and guidance, an action plan (for link development or general search engine optimization) you can carry out yourself (or have your staff carry out), a site audit or on-site training for your search engine marketing or optimization staff, then I might be able to help.

In regards to “search engine marketing???, I only do organic SEO consulting myself and do not do pay per click or web development for clients, however, I have a great relationship with a few of the top PPC consultants, and can refer you to someone who is talented and that I personally have seen the work of.

SEO Generation is not an ordinary SEO Agency ??? find out what we do…

Our recommendations are detailed and easily understood – and delivered in such a way that development teams and in house marketers gain knowledge and understanding of search engine optimisation. We don’t just deliver an agency style consulting solution, SEO Generation gets under the bonnet of your organisation and delivers an SEO solution that fits.

Our SEO consulting is a product with a people centric interface.

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Understanding user search behavior ??? actionable keyword research

Understanding user search behaviour and creating actionable keyword research is a passion of ours. The secret to truly great keyword research is to think big. Draw a highly detailed picture of your search market with hundreds of thousands of rows of data, categorised to match your market, perfectly.

What???s most important to great keyword research with actionable outcomes?

  • Huge data sets to truly draw a high resolution image of your search market categorisation
  • Mapping to site architecture with on page SEO techniques
  • Capture every key search type and identify the right content types and internal link structures for your website
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Industrial strength site architecture and technical SEO consulting

With years of experience of working on websites with anything between 100,000 and more than 1 million pages we???re expert at mapping and redesigning a site architecture designed with users, search engines and keyword strategy in mind.

Technically versed, our technical SEO consulting is delivered, documented, and supplied with commentary and explanation behind every recommendation.

We can deliver our work on site, working with the marketing, leadership and technical development teams to ensure everyone succeeds in search.

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Link building services

Inbound links are hyperlinks from another domain name to your website. They are counted by Google as votes for your website. Please do not confuse inbound links with reciprocal links (linking from your site to theirs and theirs to yours, these links will cancel out much of the link value). It doesn’t stop there, inbound links are better rated if they come from websites that have relevant content e.g. if I was a wine magazine linking to your wine rack website of a page that reviewed websites this would give a greater vote than me linking to your page from my branding agencies website.

Building links has to be done very carefully as building too many links at once will catch Googles eye and may have a negative effect. The same goes for adding inbound links from disreputable link farming sites.

To check in a search engine how many links there are to your site type

We follow the following link quality guidelines to ensure that you not only get full value for your investments in a link building campaign but also secure your investments for a long term. All these guidelines have been put together by carefully studying search engines algorithms and advisories.

People I Recommend
Below is a listing of people I trust who can provide you with good services in the areas of web design and web hosting (stealing from Rand’s original idea)…

Web Design and Development

Web design
NetDreams – Is a web design company based in London and highly recommended for any kind of project. They can turn any idea in your mind into reality.


Freewhosting – I never was willing to recommend a hosting service until I became a client of Freewhosting. They provide the best service and support I’ve ever seen in a hosting company.


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