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We offer comprehensive SEO Services, and begin by conducting an SEO Audit. This is a valuable SEO Analysis & Recommendation document from a senior SEO Consultant, that is your blueprint to optimizing your website, providing insight on your competition, and how to beat your competition.

1. Higher Keyword rankings.
2. Increase traffic.
3. Increase Revenue / ROI.

At SEO Generation, we conduct a sitewide SEO Audit and analysis of your website. To compare search engine rankings, and landing page analysis for each of the chosen keywords and competitor list. Provide an SEO Strategy Document, Strategic analysis & recommendations.

SEO Methodology:
Over the years, I’ve developed my own SEO methodology:

1. Keyword & Traffic Analysis
2. Competition Analysis
3. Baseline reporting (Traffic, Rankings, & Revenue)
4. Technical Analysis
5. Content Analysis
6. Link Development
7. Monthly Tracking & Reporting

Everything is delivered to you in an Excel spreadsheet with comprehensive recommendations.

A detailed SEO Analysis & Recommendation document. We start by taking a baseline measurement of your current traffic, conversions, and revenue by individual keyword. A baseline report is needed before implementing our recommendations, and to measure the success of the SEO campaign.

We will create a “Keyword Demand Matrix” of consisting of each keyword, and the amount of total monthly searches (universe of search volume) of each keyword. From this chart, we will be able to calculate your current level of the “Share of Traffic”, and total missed opportunities by keyword.

Then we will run a keyword ranking report per keyword on Google and BING. We measure the rank of each keyword, and the corresponding destination page.

Then we conduct a comprehensive analysis of the website’s Link Profile in terms of popularity and authority. Link popularity per keyword by domain, by anchor text, by directory, by C class IP address. Additionally, we measure Search Engine Saturation and also a Social Media Analysis (SMA) – All for nothing.

SEO Copywriting is provided as part of our SEO Services.

Once all the above elements are measured & recorded, we conduct an analysis/recommendation for the entire website on a holistic basis, and provide strategic analysis & recommendations for each Keyword/Page combination including a detailed Link Building & Campaign plan.

If you would like to us to start on your project immediately, please use the “Contact” button to send me an email, and I will contact you asap.


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