SEO Intermediate training

Intermediate SEO course

Now you can learn SEO strategies that work and creep ahead of your competitors. Our SEO intermediate workshop takes a more ‘hands on’ role in what you need to do to dominate your niche and attract new customers.

Prerequisites – a foundation in SEO theory and ready to take a more ‘hands on’ approach.

You don’t have to be a genius to master search engine optimisation. In fact, SEO is logical and not the ‘black voodoo art’ some have been led to believe. That’s why we take a common sense approach showing you what has worked for us and what can work for you in 2013. Our practicable SEO intermediate course offers case studies, quizzes and exercises allowing you to carry out a successful SEO action plan.

Course Date Location Available Places Price
SEO Intermediate Call to book London FULL £350 Inc VAT
SEO Intermediate Call to book London FULL £350 Inc VAT
SEO Intermediate Call to book London 1 Space Left £350 Inc VAT
**Please feel free to contact us with an enquiry

Our Classes style

Open public courses from only £350

  • Small class sizes. Max 6, average 4.
  • Online training sessions
  • Learn SEO with others & have fun !

Course content

1. SEO Overview

  • SEO Foundation Review – a quick review of SEO fundamentals
  • How Google Works

– look under the hood of Google: algorithm & PageRank

  • SEO Rankings Factors

– discover the most important drivers to get right for SEO

2. Visibility

  • Web Server and HTML – what you need to know about technical SEO
  • How Search Engines Crawl and Index – it’s all about links!
  • Robots Control and Site Speed – play friendly with the bots!
  • Migrating Websites – best practices for moving URLS & domains
  • Understanding Duplicate Content and Sitemaps – ensuring content is unique & liked by search engines
  • Site Structure and Taxonomy – how to organise content, interlink optimally & define keyword themes
  • Visibility Checklist – list of key elements to be checked/completed to ensure content is accessible and search engine friendly

3. Relevancy

  • Keyword Research, Analysis & Selection – in 5 simple steps: includes exercise & Excel template
  • On-Page Optimisation – ‘hands on exercise’ on how & where to optimise keywords: includes exercise & Word template
  • Automated On-Page Optimisation Rules for Large Sites – because manual optimisation is not always practical
  • Relevancy Checklist – list of key elements to ensure the content on your site is optimised to target your customers

4. Popularity

  • What Makes an Awesome Link – we look under the microscope & find out what Google really looks for
  • What Makes a Great Backlink Profile ??? trust and diversity, & we tell you how to get 13 different types of links
  • How to Find Valuable Links – useful & proven techniques to speed up your link building efforts
  • Social Media Marketing – we look at how you can use social media (Facebook, Twitter, Blogging & social sites) to help your SEO
  • Analysing Competitor’s Links – spying on your rivals and unearthing successful link building strategies
  • Popularity Checklist – list of key elements to be checked/completed to ensure your site is considered trusted, credible & popular by search engines

5. SEO Measurement

  • Monthly Reporting & KPIs – keyword rankings, web analytics traffic & conversions are monitored as KPIs that generate new business
  • SEO Checklist – complete list of key SEO elements to be checked/completed to ensure content is visible and relevant, & your website is popular within search engines
  • Roadmap & Action Plan – after completing the SEO checklist, a roadmap will be ready for action!


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