Ten good reasons to try Bing today

Surprisingly beating Yahoo to become the second biggest search engine in America isn’t one of them…

Now is as good time as any to try Microsoft’s search engine -Bing.

Bing has just surpassed Yahoo in search queries for the first time, this makes it the second biggest search engine in the US. Read more on Bing

The Bing UK homepage. Image MSN

The Bing UK homepage. Scroll through past images using the forward and back arrows.

Why choose Bing?

A lot has been happening under Bing’s hood recently. We highlight a few of our favourite reasons why you should give it a go.


A new homepage every day

Bing changes its colours every day. Every image that graces the Bing homepage is sourced by our specialist editors and showcases some of the UK and the world’s wondrous sights.

If you happen to miss a day, scroll through archive and look back at a week’s worth of images and facts. Just look for the left and right arrows at the foot of every homepage.

Bing launched video homepages in late 2011. Image MSN

Bing launched video homepages in late 2011.

Video homepages

Get all of the beauty and intrigue of the Bing homepage with a little breath of life added. This new version of the page replaces Bing’s traditional homepage image with clever video-based backgrounds and animations.

Video homepages react in much the same way as Bing’s traditional homepage images, hover your mouse over the many hotspots to discover a wealth of fascinating facts.

Take a look at some of the video homepages featured so far –


Download the free Bing app for iPhone. Image MSN

Download the free Bing app for iPhone.

It’s on iPhone

Get the same daily homepage image (with hotspots) and all of the great search functionality you’d expect – but on an iPhone.

Bing’s iPhone app is free to download from iTunes or the App store on your Apple device. The Bing app is an all- in-one experience, so there’s no need to switch between applications.

It is full of interesting but useful elements like Bing Vision (use the built-in camera to scan Microsoft Tags or QR Codes) and Voice recognition (search hands-free and identify music on the go).

Download the Bing iPhone app

News as it happens

Visit Bing’s top news stories page and then search for the news you’re most interested in.

News is sourced from a huge pool of providers, thus guaranteeing you will always receive the very latest from breaking stories. What’s more you will find that it’s grouped into helpful categories; refine your results by Top Stories, World, UK, Business, Politics, Entertainment, Sport, Sci/Tech and Health.


Find wallpaper images quickly and easily with Bing. Image MSN

Use Bing to find desktop wallpaper and images.

Great image search

All of your results for image searches appear on one page so there is no need to click through pages two, three, four etc. to find the image you want.

Bing’s also great for finding new wallpaper images for your desktop. Fire-up your browser and head over to Hover your mouse over the ‘Images’ tab and you’ll see a ‘Find computer wallpaper’ prompt.

Use Bing’s image search to find new wallpaper images. Browse the collection and choose a new wallpaper that takes your fancy. (Obviously there are other ways but Bing’s image search is a good source of inspiration).


Map your route

Bing Maps is the most convenient way to find the places you’re looking for. Plan your journey with the journey planner and drag waypoints to show you your route.

Bing Maps are fast, smart and easy to use and you can select five different map styles. Choose between Road, London Street Map, Ordnance Survey Map, Automatic, Aerial and Bird’s Eye views.


Search history

Search history helps you quickly and easily return to your most recent searches. Search history starts as soon as you search on Bing and, when you’re not signed in, continues to grow for 28 days.

Bing’s search history feature is incredibly useful for retracing your steps should you wish to revisit a particular site and didn’t have the foresight to add it to your Favourites.

Use Bing to search your Xbox 360 console. Image Microsoft

Use Bing to search your Xbox 360 console.

Bing on Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 dashboard was recently updated with a fresh design and a large dollop of new entertainment services.

Bing powers the search experience across your Xbox console and along with Kinect’s technical wizardry, it turns your voice into the ultimate remote control. Use your voice to effortlessly find the games, movies, TV shows and music you want by simply saying what you’re searching for.

Try it out now by saying “Xbox Bing”, followed by your search term.


Search for videos with Bing. Image MSN

Check out Bing’s useful video search.

Find any video you want

Bing’s video search is quick, powerful and looks good to boot. Search, and then hover your mouse over a video to watch a preview instantly. If it looks good, great, just click to watch it in full. No more navigating to a new page, only to be met with disappointment.

There’s a great selection of video providers to search from too. Browse through videos from MTV, BBC, YouTube, Dailymotion and Bing. You can also choose the length of the video you are searching for, plus the desired resolution and screen type.


Bing looks great on Android smartphones. Image Microsoft

Bing looks great on Android smartphones.

Looks good on mobile

The latest updates to Bing for mobile ( have brought Bing’s rich visual design and smart search tools to a variety of smartphones.

Users of , Android phones and Blackberries will also now be able to search for, share and watch videos on the go.

Improved map views, local search, and the ability to share search results with others is also present. Previously we went hands-on with the Bing experience for Android – .


Switch to Bing easily

If you’re convinced by what you’ve seen or just want to see for yourself, follow these quick steps to change to Bing.

To make Bing your homepage: In IE9 open the Tools menu, click Internet Options. In the Homepage text box, type – click OK to save the changes.

To make Bing your default search engine: Visit and click on the ‘Get Bing’ button. When the popup appears, tick the ‘Make this my default search provider’ option. To finish, just hit ‘Upgrade’.

By Matt Farrington-Smith, editor, MSN Tech & Gadgets


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