WordPress 3.0 "Thelonious" is finally out!

On Friday the 18th evening, the latest version of WordPress was released. This new version of WordPress includes many new features which we as developers are very happy. In the movie below the main points discussed.

Some other new features at a glance:
Wordpress and WordPress MU aggregation
Wordpress MU has made it possible to run multiple blogs from a WordPress installation to run, this functionality is now the default WordPress 3 built.

Menu management
With the new menu manager you can arrange multiple menus with both pages and categories and external links. With the addition of drag and drop is to create and manage navigation to the next level.

New default theme
The new default theme “Twenty Ten” has a more modern look like the old “Kubrick” theme. From now on, every year a new default theme included with casino online WordPress.

Header image management
Large header images are increasingly used in WordPress themes, now in the default theme. So there is a feature included for the header to change.

Bulk update plugins
By popular request, plugins now in an updated time. Especially if you use many plugins is of course very much.

Choice login name during installation
This was always default “admin”, by this change immediately upon installation improves the security of WordPress.

Different types of mail
For this website we had to deploy all plugins and template hacking to a specific type of blog post for our portfolio items to get. In WordPress 3.0 is elegant regulated.

Writer-specific templates
We will be able to assign each writer their own template, for example by a template author-naam.php to it.

Background Management
Upload a background or a color choice is a standard feature later in 3.0.

Short links
To disseminate such information through Twitter are often shortened URLs used. There is now a feature in WordPress that allow shorter links, for example: /? Post=1234

More information about WordPress 3.0 is available at the WordPress Blog or codex. Having the right wordpress theme can be the difference with a successful SEO Campaign, always liase with your SEO Consultant to guide you a defined process


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